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Emoji sulla maglietta dei giocatori del Fortaleza. La notizia ha fatto il giro del mondo e noi abbiamo catturato Paco Cepeda, ideatore della fortunata campagna in stile millenials.

Apr 2018

Sport Digital Marketing Festival: Qualche parola per descrivere il tuo lavoro.

Paco: I am the co-founder of Diptongo Media Group, a Colombian company with more than 11 years of experience in the creation, production and execution of advertising and film content not only locally but internationally as well. I have creatively led the communication and creativity of more than 10 football teams and brands related to the sport. I am passionate and crazy about my work. When you do what you love, you do not work, you have fun and make everything you have always dreamed, possible. I have always said that my work is like being in free fall; and before touching the floor, build a parachute in order to not die in the attempt.

All this adrenaline, makes me enjoy my work and love what I do.

SDMF: Come vedi il futuro social dello Sport Business?

Paco: The future of digital sports marketing is on the way; football teams and sports brands are leaving aside their institutional communication to create content that brings them closer to their fans. They are being more authentic and communicating as if they were a common person, who speaks, says, and feels what the fans want to hear, feel and see.

Hopefully this is the beginning for other industries to take an example and leave aside their traditional and uncreative communication. It is time to connect and interact through stories and content. Real ones.

SDMF: Ci racconti un esempio particolare – geniale, vincente o incredibile – di campagna social che ti ha colpito? Insomma, una piccola storia di digital marketing per lo Sport che valga la pena raccontare?

Paco: This is an amazing campaign, because football, beyond a sport, must be a very important actor of change in our society.  It is a great idea because it takes advantage of a problem and transforms it into an opportunity for a community that needs it so much;  to fight against the consumption of drugs in a community.


SDMF: Ultima domanda! Come ti è venuta l’idea di mettere emoji sulle divise del Fortaleza? La notizia ha avuto una risonanza pazzesca, fino all’Italia. Te lo saresti aspettato?

Paco: After a long sports communication journey, working with tons of football teams, we reached Fortaleza. A second division team, founded just 5 years before our arrival. As it was such a young team, it had no history or fans, which made it a huge challenge for us. As we had the chance to innovate and do something from scratch, we decided to evolve the traditional teams communication into a direct and risk taking language that everyone is talking nowadays in social media. Fortaleza decided to speak like the people, with memes, emojis and even bullying other teams, creating a bond with thousands of football fans and being considerate the Kings of Twitter, reaching more than 20 million people every month, without a paid ad. Three years after, we found a great opportunity when the time for designing the new team’s kit came. We needed It to be consistent with the language we’ve been exploring and what the people expected from the team, so we involved emojis on the design of the team’s competition shirt. It was the first time in the history of football that this happened and the news have been spreading through the whole world. We were aiming to make some noise about it as we’ve done it before on our daily interaction with the people, but the news went way bigger than we expected, being fractures on every continent, and the most important football outlets and media portals of the world such as: Sports Illustrated, The Sun, Marca, L’Èquipe, Daily Mail, FOX, ESPN, among others.

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