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“Never far from my laptop”. Intervista esclusiva a Greg Newcombe, Social Media Producer at The Football Association. Top Speaker allo Sport Digital Marketing Festival.

Mag 2018

Sport Digital Marketing Festival: How would You describe Your job in a few lines?

Greg: My role as Social Media Producer at The Football Association is a varied one. I mainly run two accounts across a number of platforms. Our Emirates FA Cup channels are all about engaging with fans of the oldest domestic club competition in the world, while also producing disruptive content to attract a new, younger audience who value nostalgia less. On the other hand, we have worked hard to shift the @FA channels from being a communication tool more akin to a governing body towards something more resembling a destination for good news stories about the power of football. This, coupled with working out of the world-famous Wembley Stadium and aiding with England and Lionesses games means I’m never far from my laptop (or phone!)

SDMF: How do You see the future of sport digital marketing and social media?

Greg: It’s an extremely interesting time for the sector, with lots of exciting things happening, but also many factors that leave clubs and sporting organisations trying to push boundaries while still retaining one foot in the past. I think there has to be an acceptance across the board that this is the future of fan engagement and a total buy-in from everyone to enable these platforms to thrive. The advantages of this approach are clear to see and the sooner people realise this, the better it will be for everyone. I think in the early days people felt it was essential to be on every platform, to produce content that pleases all people, to bludgeon fans over the head with message after message but thankfully that is now changing. Doing fewer things, better is a mantra we try to live by at The FA and I think that is certainly the way forward.

SDMF: Could You tell us an example of a social media campaign which has struck You as being incredible, brilliant and successful? What we are asking for is a short sport digital marketing story that You consider worth spreading.

Greg: Not so much a campaign, but I think what Paul Rogers is doing at AS Roma is fantastic. It’s just proof that football clubs can have personality, they can be creative and they can do things you wouldn’t expect. The accounts always seem to capture the mood and can shift from posting videos that have more in common with meme culture to more serious club comms without batting an eyelid. They regularly produce content which makes me firstly, swear because it’s so annoyingly good, and then think: ‘Wish I’d thought of that’ – the sign of a great account if you ask me.


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